Steel Buildings

Using steel for structures is nothing new or unusual as steel has been the preferred material of commercial construction since the 1800’s. Its features include that it is non-conbustible, it has the strongest tensile strength and it is recyclable. It is not susceptible to rot and it’s structural warranty is second to none.

It is by far one of the safest options and if your project is a high capacity build such as a school, church or flats. Whilst no material is fully fire proof and any building is vulnerable to a destructive blaze. Steel is fire resistant and fire would spread at a lower rate giving extra time to evacuate a building. Steel structures are designed and constructed to the strictest standards.

Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material used in construction. Steel components are stronger without adding much weight. Steel frame structures are versatile making construction easier and offers architects and engineers more flexibility to design buildings maximizing its safety features.

You may be aware that steel is the most recycled material with in excess of 80 million tonnes being recycled annually. In fact the steel industry is a lead in executing eco-friendly initiatives across the world. Not only is this great for the environment but it contributes to the safety of the material. Due to its uniqueness steel can be recycled for a number of purposes without it ever sacrificing its integrity which contributes to the long lifespan of a steel building.

The possibilities of design are endless with steel and benefits from a hugely proactive build schedule. Our modular steel buildings offer a fast project delivery and for a typical 3 bedroom house, the building will be wind and water tight within a day from delivery on site. A whole turn key delivery can be as quick as 8 weeks.

Timber Buildings

Timber framed buildings are remarkably strong and durable so do not be misled by thoughts that they are a lightweight form of construction. There are many advantages to building with timber but probably the best known quality is its environmental excellence.

We have been building with timber for thousands of years. It is one of a few natural materials as it is generally non-toxic and does not leak chemical vapour into the building. It is safe to handle and touch. As it ages it does so naturally. It is ecological, sustainable and a renewable building material. The majority of the timber supplying countries have long standing policies to regrow more more timber than is felled. Timber is actually grown quicker than it is used. It takes very little in the way of energy to convert the trees in to timber used in buildings. The production energy for timber is, in fact, the lowest of almost all common building materials.

Timber has its own natural insulation and can help to reduce energy needs particularly when it is used in floors, windows and doors. More insulation can be added to a timber built structure than a brick built building. Needless to say a better insulated building requires less energy to run and saves on the use of fossil fuel.

It is very versatile and can be used in many different ways. Due to its lightness in weight it is easier to install with minimal equipment. This in turn reduces the energy needed for construction purposes.

There is no limit to design and size with a timber building. They are precision engineered making them incredibly strong and durable. Build times are reduced considerably as a typical three bed house can be air and water tight within 1 day from delivery on site.

Kit Buildings

Our Kit Buildings designed and manufactured in a factory and they are transported to site with most of the materials, components, plumbing and electrics included. Each room can be already painted and finished to the standards required by our client. We offer a range of Kit Buildings from 2 - 5+ bed houses to small/medium sized industrial units.

Some people are of the misconception that these are low grade homes but this is inaccurate. The materials, components and other services are dependent on the client and their requirements. We have some Kits that offer a package depending on what choice of building the client requires. Clients have the choice of a range of kitchens and bathrooms, tile choice and paint colours and finishes. Basically we can meet any configuration that our client requires.

Kit buildings are faster to erect and can typically be put together within 2 - 3 days if constructed by our own team of professionals. If preferred you can employ your own contractor to put the building together; the choice is yours.