Forward thinking property development for forward thinking people

Coppercoast Developments is a property developer and construction company based in Cornwall in the South West of England. We specialise in Modular Construction Methods whilst bringing Passivhaus Standards to the build. We believe this country is in real need of ‘true’ affordable homes which should mean affordable to run and live, not just buy.

Modular Construction

Modular Construction is a method of construction which constructs up to 90% of the building work in an offsite location which is typically a factory setting. The building is constructed in “Modules” and then delivered to site where it is put together to create the finished building. This adds huge benefits to project productivity, costs and quality.

What Is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is a standard which originated from Germany. The Passivhaus Standard is a criteria where a property is required to meet 5 specific performance targets to achieve low energy requirements and high air quality and comfort. We believe this is a standard which should be achieved in every new build to deliver ‘true’ affordable housing.

What We Do!

We have specific core values in the business to deliver affordable, economical and environmentally friendly properties that will not contribute high levels of CO₂ to the environment. This can be achieved with new builds and existing buildings with the right mindset and the right goals to produce low running and eco-friendly properties.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

- Robert Charles Swan, OBE, FRGS.

Our View on Sustainability…

Sustainability is a buzz word which is flying around the industry at the moment as a ‘must do’ but what do people and businesses really do to make a building and an operation sustainable? We believe that sustainability needs to start at the very bottom of the business. We can’t be seen to be sustainable just because we have built a few eco-homes or Passivhaus buildings. The core of our business focuses on protecting the environment around us from our own internal operations such as offices, site works, project management and the products we produce and use. We select only the most sustainable materials for all of our builds and we look to use renewable energy solutions to power our site works during construction such as solar PV generators. We use eco-pods for our site offices rather than traditional portable buildings as they are manufactured from sustainable materials, self sufficiently run and completely recyclable after use. We only use sustainable from start to finish and all the bits in between to ensure we are practicing what we preach as a business. Sustainable operation is one of our core values as we cherish the planet we live and work on.